Day 3--- Pyrgos

Day 3--- Pyrgos

This is our third day in Greece, on which we are going to visit Pyrgos, a relatively small

scenic spot on Santorini Island. The town is 7 kilometers away from the hotel we live in.

Before you go, you can see that it is the commanding point of Santorini Island.


The scenery is very good. Due to the close distance, I left the hotel at about 9 o'clock after

breakfast in the morning. I went south all the way through the town of ferra, and then arrived

at the town at 10 o'clock.

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The roads leading to the high place of the town are generally narrow, with few tourists. It's

really quiet compared with ferra and Aya. The alleys of pyrlgos are like cobwebs, running

through the houses. On the way to see a souvenir shop, a variety of goods can also be said

to be dazzling.


Most of these souvenirs have local characteristics. We bought three refrigerator stickers, two

of which are made of olive wood. There are many such gift shops in the alleys. The gift shop

nearby sells paintings.


It's relatively cheap to shop in this town, but according to our observation, it's not cheaper

than ferra and IYA. Some are higher. Continue to go up, a turn to see a church on the top of

the mountain, in the island seems to be a place full of churches.

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I saw an old woman in the church climbing up to wipe the chandelier in the corridor. The

church is holy, and there is no dust. There is such a passage at a fork, above which is the



Follow the path on the right side of the chapel and continue up the hill to a small square, next

to a large church on the top of the hill. There was an old man at the door holding some euro

notes. He probably went in to offer some silver to the church.


The map of the church is marked. The church's four story bell tower adds a lot to the town's

scenery, located in the highest St. George's Cathedral. The top of the church door is inlaid

with a stone carving, which is simple but solemn. When we arrived, we saw an old church

worker locking the door, maybe going home for lunch.

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The building on the left side of the church is marked on the map as follows: icons and

ecclesiastical artifacts. Is it the place where the icons and cultural relics are stored? Take a

closer look.


The hall hasn't closed yet, but there are low fences that don't seem to be open to the outside

world. You can watch from the gate. From the window on the other side, you can see some

of the furnishings inside. It's too desolate to look inside. It's better to turn back for safety.


I saw this artist playing and singing in an aisle. We don't know the name of the song he sang,

but I know the microphone he held. It's the K04 microphone of maono brand. I don't know

why. It's really amazing to meet something familiar in a foreign country.


Standing at the top of the town and looking at IYA in the distance, the town is very small and

there is not much scenery. Soon, I came down and saw the vehicle here, donkey. By this

time, it was near evening. We took the unique means of transportation here to return to the


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