Yobe Uses AI And Microphones To Isolate Sounds In A Crowd

Yobe Uses AI And Microphones To Isolate Sounds In A Crowd

Smart assistants and voice-enabled speakers are now more popular than ever. According to Voicebot.ai, about 47.3 million American adults can use smart speakers, and more than half of smartphone users (52%) say they use voice assistants on mobile devices. But popularity does not necessarily translate into accuracy. Anyone who tries to get the attention of Cortana or Alexa at a party can tell you that when they isolate the voice from the crowd, they are not exactly ace.

Yobe, based in Boston, Massachusetts, claims it can make assistants a better listener. The startup was founded at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and raised nearly $2 million in seed funding from Clique Capital Partners and the National Science Foundation SBIR. Today, the Voice Recognition System (VISPR) for user profile retrieval was launched. , "smart", can identify, track and separate sounds in noisy environments. It claims that artificial intelligence (AI) allows its software stack to accurately track speech in "any auditory environment."




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