Maono AU100 Lapel Microphone for Audio Recording

Can’t beat the price and quality -by Sarah Brigida

-May 4, 2019 I thought these would work alright, but I found out that they are fantastic I got these

for producing my YouTube content and for doing small interviews.


Most times I shoot with one of my mirrorless cameras(A Panasonic G85 or Canon M50), but

every now and then I shoot with my smartphone(Samsung Galaxy S7), and with this mic it

doesn't matter which I'm shooting with because it works with both.


I've read that the battery last for months, and that what really matters to me. I was shooting

all my videos with my Saramonic Wireless Lavalier system, but it can be a hassle sometimes

because of the 4 AA batteries that I have to use and the setup and size can be a little

annoying as well when shooting out and about.


In all honestly the only things to me that could be improved is the lack of a battery indicator

light. And this one will sound weird because it is good and bad at the same time - the length

of cord. I wish somehow you could have the option to go very long or go shorter.


The cord is around 20 feet long, and that's good, but sometimes it can be in the way. Not a

big deal you can coil it I guess.


Anyway, this mic has simplified my life and given me clean/clear quality audio in the process.

I'm amazed at how hot the signal is. For 20 bucks it really is a no brainer. I highly

recommend this mic.


The quality is so nice with the materials and the sound is great. I can’t wait to make videos with this on yt! It comes with an extra battery which is nice.





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