Maono AU-A04TR Desk Microphone Review from Customer
5 Stars because of good sound quality-by SelmaTeacher7 - Daniel Berry

By Maono Technology on May 03, 2019

-May 3, 2019   The Microphone comes with a sturdy tripod stand that is made of metal. The stand is not flimsy and the microphone has very good sound quality for voice and music. The USB cable is 2. meters lo...

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USB Microphone Kit MAONO AU-A04 for YouTube Review
Decent USB microphone kit for less than $70! :)- by Amazing Product Reviews

By Maono Technology on Apr 23, 2019

-April 23, 2019   I use the USB microphone kit for YouTube videos and live streaming on Twitch and it works pretty good.It's quieter than my old microphone and I had to turn up the windows sound settings to ...

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USB Microphone Kit Maono AU-A04 Podcast
Night and day difference in the sound quality! -by Urias Media

By Maono Technology on Jan 16, 2019

 -January 16, 2019   It's plug and play, you don't need a separate power supply. The sound quality is way better than a lapel mic. It's a solid mic, I'm new to video blogging and video editing so it's a good...

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Maono AU100 Lavalier Microphone Review
For the price, you won't find better -by A.Richardson

By Maono Technology on Sep 25, 2018

-September 25, 2018   For the price, you will have a really hard time finding a better value than this. It's a great sounding lav mic! I love that it has the super long cord and comes with 2 windscreens AND ...

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