5G Era Stimulates Smart Speakers To Fiercely

By Maono Technology on Apr 16, 2019

In recent years, with the development and maturity of domestic intelligent voice interaction technology, the smart speaker industry has risen rapidly. According to public data, last year, the smart speaker m...

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Dual-microphone Speech Recognition Beats The Seven-microphone System

By Maono Technology on Apr 12, 2019

In terms of speech recognition, two microphones are better than one, and sound waves reaching multiple microphones can exhibit varying degrees of time delay, which can be used to enhance the intensity of sig...

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Overview Of The Development Of Global And Chinese Smart Microphone Industry Market In 2019

By Maono Technology on Apr 10, 2019

According to the "China Smart Microphone Market Forecast and Investment Strategy Report (2019 Edition)" published by LM Information Consulting, MEMS microphones are generally packaged by MEMS die (Die) and s...

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CES2019 Bluetooth Headset: Noise Reduction Will Become The Mainstream Market

By Maono Technology on Apr 04, 2019

Recently, CES2019 (International Consumer Electronics Show) was officially held in Las Vegas, USA. As the world's largest and most influential consumer electronics show, we can learn about the latest and mos...

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Talking About The Anti-noise Matters That Should Be Paid Attention To During Recording

By Maono Technology on Apr 02, 2019

1. Shockproof. The dynamic microphone is usually fixed on the microphone stand, and the microphone stand is not shockproof. It is directly in contact with the microphone and the building. It is easy to intro...

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2019 Technology Foresight Headphones

By Maono Technology on Mar 28, 2019

1. "TWS" will become the mainstream of headphones. The full name of TWS is "True Wireless Stereo", which is true wireless stereo. At first, the release of Apple AirPods as a tipping point, which led to the "...

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The Advantage Of Qualcomm Bluetooth Headset Reference Design

By Maono Technology on Mar 26, 2019

During the period of 2019, Qualcomm brought a variety of headphones using its own QCC and CSR Bluetooth chip solutions. These products include TWS headphones, neck-mounted Bluetooth headsets, and head-mounte...

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WHO Publishes Guidelines For The Use Of Audio Equipment

By Maono Technology on Mar 22, 2019

According to data released by the World Health Organization (WHO) of the United Nations on the 12th, about 1.1 billion young people (between 12 and 35 years old) are facing an irreversible risk of hearing lo...

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T2 Chip Prevents Hackers From Eavesdropping

By Maono Technology on Mar 21, 2019

he latest Mac mini. Apple said the chip prevents hackers from eavesdropping on user information through the MacBook's microphone.       Share to:             

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Qualcomm Interprets The Next Generation Audio Codec

By Maono Technology on Mar 19, 2019

Qualcomm held a media communication session to interpret the next-generation audio codec aptX Adaptive. It features stable, top-quality sound, scalability, low latency and low bit rate audio transmission for...

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Brief Introduction Of Sound Quality And Tone Of The Loudspeaker Box

By Maono Technology on Mar 14, 2019

1. The physical properties of the sound The sound is the feeling that the object is perceived by the human ear when it vibrates. Sound is made up of several elements: volume, pitch, tone, and sound. Volume: ...

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The Principle Of Audio Compression Technology

By Maono Technology on Mar 11, 2019

Audio signals can be compressed based on audio compression technology. Audio compression technology refers to the use of appropriate digital signal processing techniques for the original digital audio signal...

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